What you NEED to know BEFORE investing in exact property…

What you NEED to know BEFORE investing in exact property…

On this week’s video Ken talks the design in that you would possibly maybe merely restful deem coming near an precise property funding. In Stephen Covey’s classic e book “The 7 Habits of Extremely A success Folks”, he talks about keeping the pause in thoughts – having a purpose or the enlighten you prefer to enact in thoughts as you starting up out in a mission. The the same is precise in exact property investing – you prefer to dangle a theory of the design in that you would possibly maybe pause the funding – the exit – defined before shifting forward.

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Ken is the author of the bestselling books The ABC’s of Exact Property Investing, The Favorable Ebook to Exact Property Investing, The ABC’s of Property Administration, and most now not too prolonged previously his e book on entrepreneurship: The Sound asleep Massive. Ken is a Rich Dad Advisor.

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