Investing in Mortgage Notes | Kristin Gerst | Jess Marshall Podcast #20

Investing in Mortgage Notes | Kristin Gerst | Jess Marshall Podcast #20

On this episode, I’m sitting down with Kristin Gerst and we discuss all about her profession in Roar Investing & Roar Buying. We also discuss about the advantages of investing in notes vs. attempting for properties, how she purchased started, and the very most life like design one could also additionally commence your disappear!

Fancy y’all!

0: 00 Introduction
0: 58 Transferring to Portland, Oregon
6: 00 College and Marriage
8: 08 Being Born in France
11: 50 Working & Foundation Motherhood
17: 31 Buying My First Property
20: 15 Self-Managing and Vetting Renters
23: 16 Entering into Construction
25: 00 Quit attempting for properties, commence attempting for investor notes!
26: 19 What is a Roar?
29: 50 Going by Non-Performing Notes
33: 57 Proprietor Financing and Predatory Investors
40: 20 Studying Notes & Networking
48: 20 Changing into a Accomplice and Discovering a Mentor
51: 15 Affirming Handsome Investor Relationships
53: 00 What is a Most long-established Return?
54: 00 Performing Notes
58: 00 Realtors
1: 01: 25 Why Purchase Proprietor Financing?
1: 13: 43 Discovering a captivating deal & final affected person during COVID
1: 23: 04 Buying Notes is Recession Proof
1: 36: 10 Seeking to search out newly grads & Running AirBnbs
1: 39: 30 Being a “guru” & Writing a Book
1: 41: 07 Passing Notes and Be half of
1: 44: 20 The “BRRRR Draw”

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As a Roofing & Restoration Insurance coverage Claim Specialist/Professional, I abet dwelling/industry homeowners restore their properties after they’ve been broken by excessive storms and make particular their insurance coverage carriers or gala’s with them.
As a Accurate Property Investor, I turn identical old overlooked properties into new, precious & desirable homes/corporations.


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