9% Exact Money Flows with Mortgage Relate Investing—Episode 366

9% Exact Money Flows with Mortgage Relate Investing—Episode 366

Landlords gather lease payments. “Lienlords” gather mortgage payments.

Straightforward suggestions to fabricate a circulation of mortgage payments by proudly owning the sign (an IOU).

I repeat you why banks would promote mortgage notes.

Learn the incompatibility between performing and non-performing mortgage notes.

Bob Fraser from Aspen Funds joins us to repeat us extra.

Fewer borrowers defaulted on their mortgage payments in-pandemic because of forbearance.

Learn why a financial institution will promote you a mortgage sign at a bargain.

What occurs when a borrower stops paying their mortgage.

There are either first lien or 2nd lien positions to take. You wouldn’t demand this, nonetheless 2nd liens can usually be better because of their deep reductions.

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